Water Tech

Production · Walla Walla, Washington
Department Production
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level
Compensation $15.00

General Job Description:  

Primarily responsible for day-to-day plant care, making sure that plants receive correct levels of moisture and nutrients are maintained following best practices.

Duties and Responsibilities: Water Techs follow instructions from the Propagation Coordinator regarding growing guidelines for moisture levels, fertilization, and germination care to ensure that the majority of seeds and cuttings grow fully into healthy plants.  Performs other related duties as assigned.

Water techs support plant health and growth through active watering, fertilization, moving crops, and ensuring that plants have adequate water but are not at risk for root rot or other diseases caused by excessive moisture. Water techs also trim plants to encourage healthy growth and remove diseased or unwanted shoots, leaves, and weeds.  Water techs may be asked to apply various chemicals and/or fertilizers with the careful watch of a trained spray technician.

Water techs will be responsible for monitoring the day to day operation of several irrigation machines.  Simple repairs can be accomplished by the water tech and complicated irrigation repairs must be reported to facilities maintenance or supervisor immediately.

Skills and Abilities:
Botanical knowledge – water techs should possess some familiarity with plants and have a basic understanding of plant care, harvesting, and managing air, soil, and water quality
Attention to detail – this role also requires a high level of attention to detail to identify when plants are ready for water and fertilizer or need special care and attention
Communication skills – water techs may sometimes  work with teams, so they should be effective verbal communicators and able to coordinate activities during a shift

Physical Requirements
Water techs spend long shifts on their feet and frequently need to bend over to work with plants, so they should have excellent physical stamina.  They will be lifting and moving trays, hoses, watering tanks, 50lb fertilizer bags, and buckets full of liquid fertilizer and must be physically able to accomplish this.

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